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Pricing 2012:
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A representative will contact you to arrange payment only once the order arrives at
A5 Hardcover Landscape  -  210x148mm Includes 30 pages
Cappuccino   Personalized & laminated hard cover (printed on front cover only) R  395
Espresso       Personalized & laminated hard cover R  475
A4 Hardcover Landscape  -  297x210mm Includes 30 pages
Cappuccino    Personalized & laminated hard cover    -  Our best seller    (printed on front cover only) R  555
Cappuccino Guest book : 4 Printed + 36 blank pages - Personalized & laminated cover R  385
Espresso       Personalized & laminated hard cover  R  685
Espresso Genuine Leather (no option to personalize) R  725
Espresso Window       Cover with window opening to first page. R  439
A3 Hardcover Landscape  -  420x297mm  Includes 30 pages
Cappuccino  Personalized & laminated hard cover  (printed on front cover only) R  999
Espresso       Personalized & laminated hard cover R  1475
Espresso Genuine Leather  (no option to personalize) R  1525
Additional pages -  A5 or A4 R 14 per 2 pages
Additional pages -  A3 R  28 per 2 pages
For a wheat texture cover on A5 add R  25 per book
For a wheat texture cover on A4 or A3 add R  35 per book
Additional products:  
Thank you cards  - Photographic single sided cards R  2.50 each
Invitations with folded spine and blank inside : Printed in pairs R  9.50 per pair
Business cards 88x50mm (minimum of three) R  0.85 each
Calendars - for new months, you may need to use 'content update' on the download page.  
A4 Enviro wall hanging calendar - 12 sided, wire bound on top with hanger R149.00
A3 Enviro wall hanging calendar - 12 sided, wire bound on top with hanger R229.00
2 side tent calendar 1 - 9 10+ 30+
2 side tent calendar    -  larger discount for bulk orders R  35.00 less 30% less 50%
Alpha Storybook Album  -  Genuine Photographic prints    20 pages (10 double page spreads) Additional pages
Alpha 6x9" (150x225mm) Landscape R 799.00 R45  (per pair) 
Alpha 9x9" (225x225mm) Square R  1199.00 R80  (per pair) 
Alpha 12x9" (305x225mm) Portrait R 1499.00 R85  (per pair) 
PresentAccordion 75x75mm               Find it on V7.0           Price Additional copies
75x75mm PresentAccordion with 10 square pages R 120 each R99 each
Palm Pager : Brag Book  -  Genuine Photographic prints Basic 5 pages Additional pages
6x4 inch Palm Pager  (100x150mm) R  59.95 R  2.50 each
5x7.5 inch Palm Pager  (125x195mm) R  69.95 R  5.00 each
6x9 inch Palm Pager  (150x225mm) R  79.95 R  8.00 each
8x12 inch Palm Pager  (200x300mm) R155.75 R18.00 each
Single Pages : Genuine Photographic prints per page ( see discounts below)
8x12 inch (200x300mm) R 21.75
10x15 inch (250x375mm) R 36.75
12x18 inch (300x450mm) R 43.50

Discount options:
5+         10%
10+       15%
20+       20%
35+       25%
50+       30%

Courier fee guide using an A4 Coffee Table Book (under 1 KG).
Estimated fees for "counter-to-counter" 2-3 day delivery within South Africa:  R85.00 (Speed Service Couriers)
Estimated fees for "counter-to-counter" next-day delivery within South Africa:  R120.00  (Speed Service Couriers)
Estimated fees for "door-to-door" 2-3 day delivery within South Africa to a main city:  R140.00+  (SFS Couriers)
These are only estimates based on past shipments. Please request a quote to your address for accurate rates.

To process payments, see our Payments page.

Specifications: Based on an standard A4 Espresso 30 page book.
Dimensions - 210mm x 300mm x 10mm
Weight -  0.5kg

Prices include VAT

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